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Regardless of age, you can help improve dementia care with a quick download. 😊

How does #Mindset4Dementia work?

A data-driven

01. Analyse

Regardless of age, when you use Mindset and complete fun tasks, you generate lots of clinically useful data.

02. Build

This data teaches an AI how the brain works, making it better at noticing when something isn’t quite right.

03. Care

The AI can then be used to accurately screen and care for those currently isolated and vulnerable.

How to join the campaign.

4 easy steps.
1 clear goal.

How to #Mindset4Dementia:

Download the Mindset4Dementia app from the Apple App Store.

Converse with the Mindset app and enjoy 3 fun tasks (4 minutes).

Share an unique award and spread awareness about dementia.

Tag 4 friends and encourage others to improve care.

Why support Mindset4Dementia?

Care is a
human right.


Research shows that 62% of individuals suffering from dementia are undiagnosed.1


By 2050, the amount of those suffering from dementia is expected to triple.2

How do you think?


The Mindset Method

In exchange for educating the AI, Mindset will award you a personalised badge, based on the latest and greatest neuroscience.

01. The Pianist

Reflective of dexterity, your performance during the Symbols Task plays a key role in understanding motor patterns.

02. The Artist

Reserved for those who are wonderfully decisive with colour, the Stroop Task paints a picture of frontal lobe cognition.

03. The Detective

For when nothing seems to escape you, the Balloon Task aims to pop some misconceptions about disorientation.

Your pocket neurologist.

Coded with

Designed with Care

Empathy is intrinsic to our design. As a core team of medics, we recognise user needs, building care with clinical insight.

Completely Confidential

Notice we don’t ask for your name or your sign-in via Facebook. That’s because your data is fully anonymous. More, all data is encrypted and securely handled.

A Keen Learner

Like a doctor, Mindset’s AI is always learning. The more Mindset experiences, the more comprehensive care becomes.

The Best of iOS

From emoji to ARKit, Mindset uses a variety of Apple’s latest features to radiate warmth and deliver clinical composure.

Mentored by the best.

United by a
common goal.











Dr. Alim-Marvasti


Dr. Mahmud


Dr. Ranasinghe

Junior Doctor





Frequently asked questions.

An optimistic

When is the app coming out?

The app is out! Download it on the App Store. When will it be on Android? Don’t worry, we’re working on it.

How can I further the cause?

With every new use, Mindset’s AI improves its understanding of the brain. Hence, by spreading the word, Mindset’s AI gains more data to learn from, and raises the standard of care.

Is this a student-led startup?

Our core team might be made up of students, but we are guided by world-class medical and engineering experts. Read about our journey and mission here.

How is my data handled?

Not only is your data unidentifiable, it is sent via HTTPS to a secure, encrypted database, and not shared with any third parties. Mindset is ICO registered, ensuring accountability.